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Diamond Jubilee Medal
The Diamond Jubilee Medal
No – one alive today had witnessed a Royal Diamond Jubilee. On 6th February this year that fact changed when Queen Elizabeth II celebrated 60 years on the throne.

In celebration of this historic event an official medal has been issued. Approved by her Majesty the Queen this medal was be issued to all members of the Armed Forces & Civil Powers who had completed 5 years service as of 6th February 2012.

To Celebrate the occasion C&J MEDALS Are offering the Miniature of the award to all persons who are entitled to receive it FREE of charge if they avail themselves of our services and have this medal mounted with their existing medals for our normal very favourable charges.

Send us your existing miniature medals NOW and have this superb addition incorporated And wear with pride.

When you are issued with the full size medal send that along to have your set Court or Swing mounted by the experts.

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